Stern review on climate change

Update Monday, October 16, 2006 at 5:25 PM. Dalam topik Instruments
The Stern report will be presented this morning at the Royal Society. To access all the documentation on this report, click here. For a critique of this report, see here.

I have not yet read the report but it is the recommendations that I will be most interested in. If we are spend this 1% of GDP on mitigating to climate change, what is the best way to spend this? I would start with more investment in renewable energy and transport, but equally important is the role of the UK in trying to facilitate ‘greener’ technologies in the developing world. However, one of the interesting points of this report will be to determine what international agreement we should have post 2012 (when Kyoto runs out); will Stern go as far as recommending either taxes or permits?


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