Portland as a Model of Transportation Planning
Update 5:48 PM. . Topik: Transportation
Recently, the BBC featured my home town of Portland as an example of how good transportation planning can create a city "where the car ...Read More..

The time inconsistency of the UK Climate Bill
Update 6:46 PM. . Topik: Instruments
The recent Queen's speech notably had a climate bill which will set forth legislation for the next round of Parliament. The legislation ...Read More..

More green incentives for Londoners
Update 6:45 PM. . Topik: Instruments
To follow on from the previous post regarding extra charges for so called ‘gas guzzlers’, it seems that Ken Livinsgstone has got the bug of ...Read More..

Will climate change save lives?
Update 6:43 PM. . Topik: Development
In a recent article in Ecological Economics, Bosello et al (Ecological Economics 58(3), June 25, 2006, pp.579-591) make the surprising predi...Read More..

This is not surprising…
Update 5:28 PM. . Topik: Economic Growth
The UK government, according to the BBC, has pledged money to help an African township cut energy costs are actually paying for bureaucrats ...Read More..

Stern review on climate change
Update 5:25 PM. . Topik: Instruments
The Stern report will be presented this morning at the Royal Society. To access all the documentation on this report, click here. For a crit...Read More..

A little incentive…
Update 5:17 PM. . Topik: Instruments
Given that I live in Richmond-upon-Thames, I am glad to see that the council might be introducing higher permit parking fees for the so call...Read More..

Differences between environmental and ecological economics – which is a science?
Update 5:06 PM. . Topik: Research
The debate between these two schools of thought has increased over the last few weeks, e.g. here, here and here at Env Econ blog, on this bl...Read More..

Business Week: Here Comes Lunar (Tidal) Power
Update 8:33 PM. . Topik: Energy
Imagination + Inspiration + Desperation = This little gem of an article from Business Week . We should have developed this a century ago. It...Read More..

Even Slower than Usual…
Update 5:56 PM. . Topik: Transportation
Toronto transit workers are on an illegal strike this morning. There are no buses, subways, or streetcars. To make matters worse, this strik...Read More..

CO2 Rock Stars
Update 9:29 PM. . Topik: Energy
SALEM, MASS No storms here last night, but you may have heard the rumblings of Democracy right here in the Witch City of Salem, MA. The o...Read More..

Within the Lifetime of a Child Born Today
Update 9:25 PM. . Topik: Environment
In addition to the near TWO TRILLION dollars of our children's money we've spent on our faulty foray into Iraq, here's another d...Read More..