Green twist to the Nobel Prizes?
Update 9:26 PM. . Topik: Current Affairs
This year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to German scientist Gerhard Ertl for his work on surface chemistry. The BBC and Globe and Mail...Read More..

A not-so-small problem
Update 9:18 PM. . Topik: Economic Growth
In a side event about deforestatrion this morning, researchers from the Woods Hole Research Institute talked about the science of emissions ...Read More..

An Inconvenient Analogy
Update 4:51 PM. . Topik: Population
On April 26-27, the Pontifical Council on Justice and Peace organized a seminar on global warming, to better undertsnad the different points...Read More..

Ten Billion Served (and Hundreds of Millions Fleeced)
Update 5:44 PM. . Topik: Transportation
The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) just announced that the U.S. transit industry carried more than 10 billion transit tr...Read More..

COP12: The last two days, a plea for action
Update 10:14 PM. . Topik: Economic Growth
Decisions of different working groups are being forwarded to the supreme body of the convention, the Conference of the Parties (COP) for fin...Read More..

Carbon Offsets with Native Energy
Update 10:06 PM. . Topik: Mitigation
In 19 days I will be in Boston's Logan International Airport ready for 14 hours and 40 minutes of sitting in a Boeing 747. I will fly 7,...Read More..